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Welcome to Gene Tracers


Gene Tracers is a small business that provides professional genealogy research services in Berkshire, London and the UK for:

  • Private clients:
  • Professional clients:
    • Missing beneficiaries' research
    • Local research at:
      • the Berkshire Record Office
      • Reading Family Search Centre
    • Various London repositories, such as:
      • The National Archives (TNA)
      • The London Metropolitan Archives (LMA)
      • Westminster City Archives
      • Principal Probate Registry (PPR)
      • Principal Registry of the Family Divison
      • and many others
    • Other UK local record offices, such as:
      • the Oxfordshire History Centre
      • the Southampton Archives Office
      • the Hampshire Archives and Local Studies
      • the Portsmouth History Centre
      • the Surrey History Centre
      • Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre (WSHC)
      • and many others.
    • Contact us here for an ad-hoc quote at our priority rate.

Gene Tracer's aim to provide a professional, reliable and friendly service at a reasonable cost.

TV programs such as Who Do You Think You Are?, Heir Hunters and Find My Past have generated ever more interest in tracing our own family trees, whether to find the truth to some long-held family rumour, a need to understand our roots, to learn more about our common history or just simple curiosity. The process is rarely as straight-forward as these programs portray, so it could be that you have hit a brick wall in your own research and need help with what comes next, or confirmation that you haven't missed anything. Gene Tracers can help you in this and, as part of our service, we can also provide some pointers on where to go next. 

Alternatively you may want to research your family and have neither the time nor the knowledge to do so. Gene Tracers can help by undertaking a complete search, either on an ad-hoc basis, or by a choice of all-inclusive packages More Information >

Perhaps you are a business and need research to find missing beneficiaries for cases you are working on? Or need someone to look up records for you in this area of the country. Gene Tracers can help you with these matters More Information >

So, if you have a genealogical problem, no matter how large or small, Gene Tracers would like to help you solve it. Contact us today to discuss your individual needs.